How I Can Help You

Spanning digital media strategy, retail advisory work and economic assessments & reviews,  my varied portfolio of projects brings to bear a number of complementary skills and areas of experience that could prove useful to your business.

Digital Media Strategy

As a recognised influencer in the digital media space, I have an in-depth understanding of both – the overarching and grassroots-level factors underlying the roll-out of a successful digital media campaign. My ability to leverage this practical knowledge is underpinned by an analytical approach honed over a professional career as an economic consultant.

I work with food & lifestyle brands to develop their content strategy on social platforms, with a view to defining and communicating brand identity to both – existing customers and new audiences; maximising engagement and translating these online interactions into tangible sales.

Snapshot of services: 

  • Account Reviews. Deep-dive analysis of where and how digital media accounts can be improved and a unique tone-of-voice developed, with the objective of boosting both – followers and the level of engagement around each post.
  • Strategic Management. Ideation and execution of a cohesive digital media strategy, including curating type of content and developing a strategic approach for interacting with customers.
  • Seminars and on-hand support to build skills in articulating, implementing and monitoring a successful digital media campaign. This includes advising on influencer marketing – an increasingly-effective medium through which brands can increase exposure to new customers, building a more trustworthy association.

F&B Advisory

I have experience working across the value chain in agriculture and food sectors, and with both agribusinesses and retail companies.

As an economic consultant, my projects in the agricultural sector have largely involved:

  • Value chain analyses and sector studies
  • Strategic reviews and evaluations for donor organisations
  • Policy analysis and mapping
  • Development impact analysis
  • Investment scoping and due diligence

I also advise on retail projects for both London-based and international clients by drawing on my knowledge relating to global food trends. My insights combine trend-forecasting with a sound understanding of the more solid foundations required for a restaurant / retailer to transcend a one-time novelty factor, thus laying the long-term foundations for success.

My project portfolio in this regard spans from supporting the design and execution of a multidisciplinary cooking studio, to curating the mix of food brands showcased at a gourmet food-store.

Business Advisory

More broadly, my project work as an economic consultant spans several high-profile strategic reviews and assessments aimed at forming robust evidence-based recommendations. I have specific skills in leading multi-stakeholder engagement, as well as triangulating and synthesising evidence from multiple sources.

Combining this with my extensive on-the-ground-experience of working in different environments, has strongly-positioned me to provide strategic support to businesses in a number of areas. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Methodological market research & competitor analysis
  • Operational and financial evaluation of commercial projects
  • Structured assessments of areas which need improvement.

Whether you have a specific project in mind, or are simply keen to have an informal chat and explore the ways in which we could work together – please do get in touch.

You can email me at:

Specific details on my project experience, here.