An Introduction

Ayushi is an interdisciplinary consultant, specialising in digital media strategy, F&B advisory services and development economics. She is also the persona behind the thriving food, travel & lifestyle platform, The Foodie Diaries.

Ayushi holds a Masters in Economics (with Distinction) from the London School of Economics; and a BA (Hons) in Economics and Management from the University of Oxford.

Drawing on her insights as a digital influencer and content curator, Ayushi works with clients in food, hospitality, fashion & communications, with a view to steering the strategic development and successful rollout of integrated digital media campaigns. Her creative approach is underpinned by an analytical methodology honed over her many years working as an economic consultant.

Leveraging her strong pulse on global F&B trends, Ayushi also works with leading food retailers & hospitality brands to design and execute innovative concepts and immersive experiences, as well as facilitate synergistic brand partnerships.

At the other end of the spectrum, her ongoing work as an Economic Consultant has been focused on supporting development of agricultural value chains, the health sector and infrastructure projects in emerging markets. To this end, Ayushi has experience working with a number of private and public sector clients, ranging from The World Bank and International Finance Corporation, to the World Health Organisation and Department for International Development UK.

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