An Introduction

An Economist by training, consultant by profession and writer by passion, Ayushi is the persona behind the insatiably-curious food, travel & lifestyle platform, The Foodie Diaries.

She holds a Masters in Economics (with Distinction) from the London School of Economics; and a BA (Hons) in Economics and Management from the University of Oxford.

Having begun my career as an Economic Consultant, it was a marketing internship at Sotheby’s followed by a spontaneous decision to share my (many) culinary adventures on Instagram which sparked my multifaceted journey. 

Now spanning a website and other social channels, my blog, The Foodie Diaries has developed into a diversified platform for curating travel guides, cultural recommendations and sharing a broader lifestyle series; alongside providing an in-depth coverage of the thriving food scene in London and Mumbai (the two cities I am proud to call home). 

As a recognised influencer in the digital media space, I regularly work with food & lifestyle brands, retailers and communications agencies, with a view to advising on the strategic development and roll-out of a successful digital media campaign. My portfolio of previous and current clients  include The East India Company; Amishi London; the Indian retail conglomerate, Future Group; and the natural resources company Vedanta. 

Drawing on my insights on global trends, I also consult on projects in the F&B industry in a curatorial capacity; and am currently engaged on a project to bring Waitrose’ brand of products to the Indian market. 

At the other end of the spectrum, my ongoing work as an Economic Consultant has been focused on supporting development of agricultural value chains, the health sector and infrastructure projects in emerging markets. To this end, I have experience working with a number of private and public sector clients, ranging from The World Bank and International Finance Corporation, to the World Health Organisation and Department for International Development UK.

Read more on my project portfolio, here.